Panopticon 2009

National Geographic: Panopticon 2009

designed & constructed for:

Limiteazero & Paolo Rigamonti and Silvio Mondino – Milan

National Geographic Store, Brompton Road, Knightsbridge, London


Black Oxidised Steel, Corian, Rubber, Aluminium, Mechanical & Electronic Components

A mobile digital media display unit, custom designed for National Geographic Store in London. This digital sculpture is conceived as a standalone windows display, with four monitors on both sides and a custom computer, in order to display its content both toward the outside and the inside simultaneously.

The overall design is inspired by an idea of superimposition of mechanical and electronics aesthetics, resulting in a kind of wired machine made by mild-steel, screws, wheels, handmade custom-tailored cables and connectors, displaying images, colours, TV broadcasting, and information, turning it in a real multimedia unit.


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