Aleksandra Mir: GRAVITY

SPACE SOON: Camden Roundhouse, Camden, London


Fabricated steel components, Found Objects


Gravity: The Eternal Countdown
Aleksandra Mir
The Arts Catalyst, London
ISBN: 9780953454655

Aleksandra Mir’s vast rocket (20 metres high), a monumental ephemeral sculpture, was built in the former engine shed of The Roundhouse in September 2006. It was constructed out of junk: steel, fibreglass, tractor tires, industrial fans and a discarded tank from a toothpaste factory. It took two days of construction on site, stood erect for three days only and was dismantled in another two days.

The rocket that effectively went nowhere is commemorated through a mixture of production stills, drawings, space ephemera and the artists own pin up photos taken in scrap yards around England during the search for old and dirty things to make the work. Throughout the calendar, data inserted in its corresponding date highlights failure or resistance in the history of space exploration a catalogue of various failures, disasters, minor mishaps and political hurdles.

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