Artist: Jaime Hayon

Client: NHS Trust / Carillion Construction

Location: Ward Courtyards, Southmead Hospital, Bristol

Commissioning Body: NHS Trust / Willis Newson


Fibreglass (GRP), Galvanized and Powdercoated Steel

A series of fifteen sculptures in groupings for each of the three courtyards. Three different sculptural forms made of glass reinforced plastic (GRP) and mounted on galvanized ladder-like tripod plinths and combined in groups of five sculptures for each courtyard. The sculptures range from 4m to 7.5m in height. Each group of five sculptures are finished in a different colour to distinguish the different courtyards and are part of the wayfinding scheme of the hospital. They are be visible from numerous points throughout the Brunel building, including the concourse, consulting and patients rooms, and the EAU (Emergency Assessment Unit).

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